The Pathway to Spiritual Growth is a resource for spiritually growing relationships either within or outside of the formal ministry programs of First Free. It is appropriate and good to expect growth, maturity and expansion as we get closer to God.  It is the responsibility and privilege for every follower of Jesus to encourage and build up others in the faith. The framework for these studies is found in Discipleshift, by Jim Putman.  Using five stages of development, these pathways explore critical themes of the Bible.
• Pathway 1 is designed to help non-believers encounter Christ for salvation.
• Pathway 2 is geared to help a new (infant) believer to grow in the basic truths of God.
• Pathway 3 helps a Christian “child” learn and apply the principles of spiritual growth that lay the foundation for effective discipleship.
• Pathway 4 calls the Christ follower to deeper levels of discipleship and service as a “young adult” in the faith.
• Pathway 5 challenges spiritual parents to produce generational growth through evangelism and discipleship of others.
Spiritual growth is rarely a straight linear trajectory. And that is not the intended message of this pathway. Instead, it gives encouragement, direction, and focus as we face the challenges and setbacks of the journey with Jesus.
Please use these resources in your personal study, in a one-on-one discipleship relationship, or in your group as a guide for growth and effective Christian living. If you have questions, please contact us.