German Team

The German short term team ministry has been supporting a camp outside of Dresden doing sports and English alongside our partners from the Dresden Free Church.  The Germans provide the Bible studies, small groups and planning, we bring lacrosse, flag football and softball, American accented English and testimonies.  Not only do German teens learn about Jesus but young people from there and here get to grow in their leadership abilities.

Middle East/North Africa

A key part of our partnership with the Free Church of Beirut has been doing joint Vacation Bible School programs.  Recently, a component for their mothers and sisters has been added.  Other camps in other locations have also been supported by First Free. The Advent Conspiracy project for 2015 funded the Oasis Center where we meet Syrian refugees who are invited to these programs.


Several families in our church have a burden for Belize and go there to do women’s ministry, children’s and teen outreach.  They travel at various times a year when there is a need and take adults and teens along to do the ministry.


One of the poorest counties in Missouri is where Ironton is located.  The families that go there share the hope and good news of Jesus in various ways.  It is a great opportunity for their children to pitch in and help with music, food preparation, crafts and discussion groups.

For information on any of our short-term teams, contact Cathy Nelson in the Global Outreach Office: 636.779.2187 or