Serving at the University of Texas, Austin with The Navigators
Missionary since 2000

The Navigators is an international, interdenominational Christian ministry that helps people grow in Jesus Christ as they navigate through life. Ann works with international students at the University of Texas in Austin.

Prayer Needs
  • Pray for good relationship with her team
  • Pray for new believers to walk with God when they return to their home country
  • Pray that God would create divine appointments and draw people to Himself

Donna Burke
Serving in St. Louis as Communications Director for ReachGlobal Berlin
Twitter: DonnaReneBurke
In current role since 2009

Donna works from home producing newsletters, videos, web content and other forms of           communication for the team in Berlin. She travels to see projects and to meet with her team.

Prayer Needs

  • Pray for connection to her far flung coworkers
  • Pray for software and hardware to work
  • Pray for creativity, encouragement, and helpfulness
Rick Burke
Serving in St. Louis with ReachGlobal
In current role since 2018
Rick works in a new department of ReachGlobal that will build connections with unreached or    unevangelized people groups and Free churches.

Prayer Needs

  • Pray for guidance as to where God is working to connect with unreached and unengaged people groups
  • Pray for spiritual protection because moving into the spiritual territory of unreached and unengaged people groups is Satan’s turf
  • Pray for protection for Rick, Donna, their children, and their grandchildren
  • Pray that their first love would be the Lord Jesus and that God would protect that and their marriage

Ellen Dykas
Serving in Philadelphia with Harvest USA
Donate to Ellen Dykas/Women’s Ministry for Harvest USA here
Missionary since 1991
Ellen is the women’s ministry director for Harvest. She trains interns, writes books, teaches and leads small groups. Harvest is a ministry of truth and mercy proclaiming Christ as Lord to a sexually broken world.
   Prayer Needs
  • Pray for abiding daily and deeply in the Lord through the word and prayer
  • Pray for wisdom and discernment in her leadership
  • Pray for encouragement and soul nurture
  • Pray for fruit in the lives of hurting women and families

Dan & Jamie Hartke
Serving at Camp Forest Springs in Wisconsin
Missionaries since 2014
Dan and Jamie lead the youth ministry segment of Camp Forest Springs. They plan program, disciple the interns who lead the camp counselors and lead worship.
Prayer Needs
  • Pray that God will provide wisdom, grace and skill in their work
  • Pray that they will be good ambassadors for Christ in town
  • Pray for their boys to be blessed and know Jesus
  • Pray for the whole family to grow in loving unity

Erica Li
Serving at SLCC Forest Park with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship
Missionary since 2012
Erica’s ministry is to plant InterVarsity at St. Louis Community College Forest Park. Because of turnover, that is a challenge, but she prays with faculty, witnesses, takes classes and is trying to build a group.
Prayer Needs
  • Pray for a student movement in the Community College system
  • Pray for open doors with faculty and administrators
  • Pray for American students to develop a heart for the internationals
  • Pray for students to decide to follow Jesus with their whole lives!

Dave & Sharron Mathis

Serving in Haiti with ReachGlobal
Missionaries since 2014
Their multicultural team will work with a consortium in Port au Prince and US churches using       Community Health Evangelism, EFCA’s child sponsorship program and short term teams for     compassion ministry. The long term goal is to develop indigenous churches.
  Prayer Needs
  • Pray for learning Kreol well as they build relationships
  • Pray for wisdom about which strategies to use
  • Pray for harmony and unity on their multi-national ministry team

Ed & Janet Pollasch

Serving in St. Louis with Reach Global Connect
Missionaries since 2013
Ed and the Reach Global Connect staff serve to build bridges between churches and international ministries. Ed is especially involved with Berlin, Germany. Ed has a particular passion for leadership development and Janet works with immigrant women’s Bible studies and tutoring children.
Prayer Needs
  • Pray for a gospel movement in St. Louis
  • Pray for Ed and Janet’s discipling contacts to grow spiritually
  • Pray for churches to partner with the Berlin initiative

Russ & Rebecca Swaim

Serving in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada with Cru
Twitter: @russswaim
Missionaries since 2006
Russ and Rebecca’s strength is leadership development. Russ is the Area Manager for the Leader Impact Group. He is trusting the Lord to see a movement in the marketplace. For Russ and Rebecca, being involved with Chinese immigrants is a value.
   Prayer Needs
  • Pray for them to use their time according to their values
  • Pray for effective ministry in the professional community
  • Pray for their children to grow in wisdom and faith

Scott & Cathy Waller

Serving in Southern California at Eidos Christian Fellowship Missionaries since 1993
Dr. Scott Waller teaches churches, Cru staff, Christian professors, and students how to present and defend a Christian worldview.
Prayer Needs
  • Pray for wisdom to know what speaking opportunities to accept
  • Pray for the Wallers to be “wise as a serpent and gentle as a dove” in representing Christ
  • Pray that lives of future leaders would be influenced toward Christ

David & Heidi Westmoreland

Serving at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor with Cru Missionaries since 2002
There are 40,000 students at the Ann Arbor campus. Westmoreland’s goal is to reach students with the gospel and disciple them in relationship with Christ.
Prayer Needs
  • Pray that God would help them be effective
  • Pray that they would bond with their team and teach prayer
  • Pray that God would give them students to disciple

Brad & Patty Wos

Serving in St. Louis with the EFCA Central District Missionaries since 2013 Brad does leadership development and Bible studies with internationals. His move to join the EFCA Central District makes him part of the International Ministry that plants churches among refugees, immigrants and ethnic groups.
Prayer Needs
  • Pray for a disciple making movement among the nations in St. Louis
  • Pray for adequate funding
  • Pray for others to join them in ministering to refugees through sports