Joseph & Doris Najem
Serving in Lebanon with the Free Church of Lebanon
Missionaries since 2008

Under Joseph’s leadership, the Evangelical Free Church of Lebanon has become a missionary-sending church with over 17 workers in 12 countries. He is the Reach Global leader for the Middle East.

Prayer Needs
  • Pray for a pastor to take over ?the church so Joseph can do? more mission work
  • Pray the church planters ?and their families
  • Pray for Kurdish hearts to be open to the gospel


Missionary Team ME1
Serving in the Middle East with the Free Evangelical Church of Lebanon

ME1 is planting a Kurdish church in Lebanon. He moved there from Aleppo, Syria a year ago. He was instrumental in doing God’s work in Afrine where he built 55 house churches in the past years.

Prayer Needs
  • Pray for a lively walk with the Lord
  • Pray for protection from persecution
  • Pray for direction for their daughter as she considers studying in the U.S. in a medical field

Missionary Team ME2
Serving in the Middle East with ReachGlobal

This missionary team ministers in house churches among the Druze people. They have had many opportunities to pass out copies of the New Testament. The goal has been discipleship and now the Druze own this vision. They are reaching out to 20 Shia villages.

Prayer Needs
  • Pray for one of the missionaries on this team’s migraine headaches
  • Pray for Druze leaders to mature
  • Pray for new believers to be discipled and stand firm in their faith
  • Pray for passion for childrens’ ministry among the Druze

Missionary Team ME3
Serving in Lebanon with Pioneers

This missionary team teaches English and other subjects while hosting events to build relationships and ?providing opportunities for spiritual conversations. They also assist in refugee support.
Prayer Needs
  • Pray for safety and effectiveness
  • Pray for believers to be encouraged despite persecution
  • Pray for their team to be unified

Missionary Team ME4
Serving in the Middle East with ReachGlobal

These missionaries work in a closed country. They started a church with two Muslim-background believers. The government told him in order to be a church, they needed a building. God miraculously provided one and they now have 40 attendees.
Prayer Needs
  • Pray for multiplying ministry
  • Pray for land for an orphanage and conference center
  • Pray for those being baptized
  • Pray for direction for their sons

Missionary Team ME5
Serving in the Middle East with ReachGlobal

These missionaries have the desire to start a medical clinic for Syrian refugees as a way to share God’s love with hurting people.
Prayer Needs
  • Pray for provision for the clinic resources and staff
  • Pray for Christ-like parenting
  • Pray for the hearts and minds of recipients would be softened

Missionary Team ME6
Serving in the Middle East 

These missionaries both have a passion for ministry and between the two of them have spent time working with Samaritan’s Purse, translating for short term teams, and pastoring in the Midwest. Now they have accepted an assignment in a closed country.
Prayer Needs
  • Pray for language learning and provision of all their needs to be effective witnesses
  • Pray for continued blessing on their young marriage
  • Pray for good relationships among their team on the field

Missionary Team ME7
Serving in the Middle East 

These missionaries use their professions as a creative way to share the gospel where Christ is unknown. They have multiple opportunities to use this skill with churches and refugee ministries to show the love of Christ.
Prayer Needs
  • Pray for open doors for his optometry skills and the gospel
  • Pray that their children find His path for their lives
  • Pray for continued proficiency in the local language
Missionary Team ME8
Serving in the Middle East 
When they first arrive in their chosen mission field, this missionary team will concentrate on language learning. There is a national language as well as Arabic that would be useful. They will also build relationships with their work team and their neighbors as God gives opportunity.
Prayer Needs
  • Pray for easy adjustments for them and their children to their new home
  • Pray for good relationships with new team, fellowship and practical needs to be met
  • Pray for God to direct them into specific ministry as they are ready