Mike & Debby Edwards
Serving in Berlin with ReachGlobal
Twitter: @forberlin & @BerlinMike
Facebook: CharretteBerlin & BerlinMike
Missionaries since 2003
Mike disciples the Berlin city leaders but is finding his role expanding in training and setting up post-modern ministries in cities.
    Prayer Needs
  • Pray for God to stir up committed laborers and churches
  • Pray for spiritual protection as Mike is a key minister in a challenging context
  • Pray for quality family times as Mike travels a lot

Giles & Debbie Davis
Serving in Spain with SEND International

Missionaries since 2005

Giles and Debbie have planted and overseeing the youth ministry in their church. They plan to resource youth ministry in all of Spain. The Davises are seeing their influence expand beyond their dreams!
    Prayer Needs
  • Pray for their youth group to grow in discipleship
  • Pray for a movement in all the youth of Spain
  • Pray for balance between ministry and family for both parents

Josh Krato

Serving in Czech Republic with ReachGlobal
Missionary since 2013

Josh wants to be part of the spiritually dead culture of the Czech Republic and help bring it to life. He teaches English and Scripture, organizes small groups, plan ministry events, work with people of all ages, but especially youth.
    Prayer Needs
  • Pray for wisdom and stamina to engage the Czech culture
  • Pray for young men that he could lead to Christ and mentor
  • Pray for comfort and joy as a single serving overseas

Mark & Lezlee Sanders
Serving in Budapest, Hungary with Cru

Facebook: MarkandLezlee Sanders
Missionary since 1986

Mark and Lezlee oversee Cru’s student work in Eastern Europe and Israel. Mark is gifted in evangelism and mentoring, speaking, and training student leaders. Every summer he helps lead outreach English camps as well. Mark and Lezlee work in “hard countries” where people are not very receptive to the gospel, but every prayer letter has the story of someone Mark has had a            spiritual conversation with, usually leading them to Christ.
    Prayer Needs
  • Pray for student leaders to commit to reaching other students
  • Pray for refreshment and renewal as God opens new doors for work
  • Pray for protection as Mark travels