Chad Smith – Pastor of Children’s Ministry
Chad joyfully leads our ministry to kids. He is passionate about family ministry and introducing children to Jesus.
Brad Heuiser – 1st-5th Grade
Brad oversees Elementary grades 1-3 first hour Sunday morning and the AWANA ministry on Wednesday evenings.
Favorite thing about your job – I love how enthusiastic the kids can get about being here and learning about what God has done for us. Their joy and excitement is contagious!
Katlyn Wilhoit – Nursery Supervisor and Administrative Assistant
Katlyn oversees the Nursery.
Favorite thing about your job – I have always had a passion to help children along their journey in any way possible. I love watching them learn and grow, especially with the Lord! My joy comes from watching a child learn something new, being able to encourage them when they are struggling, and figuring out what that specific child needs!
Kelli Stable – Administrative Assistant
Kelli provides administrative support for the Kid Connection team.
Kari Eck – Childcare Coordinator

Kari oversees childcare for Tuesday mornings, Wednesday nights, and special events.

Steve Lancaster – Student Ministry Pastor
Steve oversees our ministry to junior high students.
Favorite thing about your job – I love working with students because they are fun and full of energy, and are willing to take risks for their faith that few adults will take. I am so grateful for the adults who poured time and energy into me when I was a student, and I hope to help our students have the same experience.
Andrew Miller – Student Ministry Worship Pastor
Andrew leads student worship teams for all Student Ministry programs.

Favorite thing about your job – The best part of my job is working with our middle and high school students to help them grow as musicians, worship leaders, and ultimately, disciples of Jesus.

Carla Rupkey – Executive Assistant, Family Ministry
Carla supports Student Ministry and is the first contact for the department.
Favorite thing about your job – My favorite thing is helping meet the needs of the department and congregation so that the ministry can be as impactful as possible.