We raised over $100,000 for our 2019 projects! Thank you so much for your generosity!!

This year, funds raised will be split between two projects: Bridge of Hope Ministries in north St. Louis city, and a ministry in a south Asia country that we are unable to name for security reasons – we’ll call it Ministry 2.

Bridge of Hope Ministries operates on a shoe-string budget and thousands of volunteer hours. Bridge of Hope provides a welcoming day-center for the most marginalized people in north St. Louis city. At the mission, guests access daily essentials such as:

– showers, laundry, clothing
– education for students of all ages
– literacy, dyslexia, test  prep, parent support
– bicycles, gardening jobs
– computer use, resume-building, assistance with community  resources
– addiction recovery, counseling, health screenings, and more
Many of our clients struggle with homelessness, gang and domestic violence, mental illness, addiction, and hunger.  Bridge of Hope is a safe place for all persons regardless of background, race, gender, religion, or age. The caring staff patiently works with our invisible neighbors to help them get off the street and back on their feet. In addition, Bridge of Hope creates a bridge for our clients to get to know the person who can best provide hope and healing – Jesus Christ.

Bridge of Hope celebrates the image of God in every person and believes that everyone has the ability to transform. The Hope Education motto is “Everyone has something to teach and everyone has something to learn.” The community experiences great joy when clients and volunteers interact, share, and do life together.

Our support will give Bridge of Hope the opportunity to renovate and expand their bathroom and laundry facilities.
Ministry 2 is working to bring education and the Good News of Jesus to impoverished areas of a south Asian county. In one underdeveloped district of this country, more than 62% of the population lives below the poverty line – earning an annual income of less than $445 USD. The literacy rate in this district is s the 505th for males and 551st for females among a total of 591 districts in the country. Out of the 2100 villages within the district, 62.6% have a primary school, 19.1% have a middle school, 10.5% have a high school, and only 1% have a college. 
Ministry 2 launched an English-speaking school in the region. Before the school was built, the people in the villages were very antagonistic towards Christians. Now, they see that Christians are not a threat, but a resource. Before the school began, there were hardly any Christians in the area. The few believers who lived there were frightened and often had to flee their homes because of persecution. People that were seeking did not have the courage to embrace the faith due to fear of hardships that would come, but within a year of the school opening, the situation has drastically changed. There are now around 150 people worshiping God in the village church! 
Our gifts will support a public school that is reaching out to the community and changing hearts towards Christians and towards Jesus. We are hoping to fund a science lab, computer lab, and library so that the school can add additional grades and students. This school is helping to educate a generation of children, transform communities, and spread the Gospel.
Lives are being transformed through both of these ministry efforts, and we are excited to be a part of how God is using these organizations to bring people to Him. 
Thank you for your generosity!