The Way of the Shepherd: 7 Ancient Secrets to Leading People
Men, come share a hearty breakfast and hear Dr. Kevin Leman share the secrets of being a better leader of the people close to you. Dr. Leman uses the powerful metaphor of the sheep and the shepherd that reaches back 5,000 years to show that what is true of sheep is often true of people, and there is much to be learned from the way of the shepherd!

Tickets: $10

No childcare available.
Making Sense Of The Men In Your Life: What Makes Them Tick, What Ticks You Off, And How To Live In Harmony
Come enjoy a yummy dessert with your girls and hear Dr. Kevin Leman’s practical and often humorous insight into the differences between men and women. Dr. Leman will help you understand how to develop more satisfying relationships with the men in your life–spouses, sons, fathers, coworkers, and others–shedding new light on how men think, feel, behave, and more.

Tickets: $10

No childcare available.
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Save the date for October 14 – internationally known Christian author and speaker Dr. Kevin Leman will be at First Free!

Dr. Kevin Leman is an internationally known psychologist, radio and television personality, and speaker who has taught and entertained audiences worldwide with his wit and commonsense psychology. 

Dr. Leman will be leading a parenting conference on October 14. Dr. Leman’s books on parenting, including Making Children Mind without Losing Yours and The Birth Order Book, are bestsellers, and we are so excited to be bringing him to First Free to share his insights. 
Childcare will be provided.
Early Bird Admission (through September 16): $20
Early Bird Admission + Dinner: $29
We’re so excited that comedian John Crist will be at First Free on November 30 as part of his Human Being Tour!